Dott. Anna Maria Magro

I am a Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor and, after several years of direct business experience in managerial roles including general management and as CEO, I am a professional that ows her personal consulting firm, acting as CEO and board member, statutory auditor, member of D. Lgs 231/01 boards, judicial administrator and assistant of the ANBSC - National Agency for Seized and Confiscated Assets from organized crime, management and internationalization business consultant, Temporary Manager, CTU and CTP, mediator / conciliator , COACH.

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I offer targeted services with an eye to the future

In my career I have faced many challenges on several fronts, as board member, statutory member, from strategy definition to management support, from Temporary management to coaching, ecc..

Today I make available the extensive background developed in these years of career by personally supporting the companies I collaborate with, and sharing their final goals until they are reached.

Those who rely on me for their company know they will find an ally who, with motivation and competence, will help them to reache their goals.

Corporate Governance

I carry out the roles of member of boards, non-executive director, CEO, statutory auditor and chairman of the board of statutory auditors, etc.. I support companies in defining their development strategy and management organizational model.

Supervisory Bodies
ex D.Lgs 231/2001

I play the role of member and president of Supervisory Bodies ex italian D.Lgs 231/2001, and I support companies in defining the organizational and management model, and to define their Ethical Codex.

Business consulting,
for StartUps too

With almost twenty years of experience in business development, company reorganization and business management, I support companies in defining and developing their business model. Having also gained direct experience in the launch of some start-ups, I help star uppers to understand how to develop a company in an agile way, trying to contain costs, take advantage of the different opportunities offered by the current market context and laws for this type of companies, and make use of subsidized finance.

Court & ANBSC

I work as a Judicial Administrator, CTU and CTP, Assistant of the National Agency for Assets Seized and Confiscated from organized crime (ANBSC).


Strong of my experience working in the sector, as well as in 53 known countries, and four languages ​​ fluently spoken, I help companies wishing to develop the markets for their products and services internationally. This in the strong conviction that every business is based above all on the relationship among people, and that very important to be successful is to know and respect the culture and customs of the countries with which one wanst to works or in which one is present.


I am a SUN - Success Unlimited Network® certified Coach, and I carry out this activity with passion, which allows me to help people to clarify their goals and determine a vision, to become aware of the skills they have and the new skills they need to develop to reach them, to identify their values ​​and to follow them, in order to achieve the desired results and continue happily in career and life.

Temporary Manager

I work alongside the entrepreneur and the company that need, in certain business phases of company transition or transformation, to make use of specific management skills, while identifying the definitive resource or implement the renewed organizational model.

A short excursus in my career

  • 2010 - NowSTUDIO MAGRO

    Opening and management of own professional office in Milan: freelance activity as company director and board member, statutory auditor, member of the Supervisory Body pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01, judicial administrator and assistant to ANBSC - National Agency for Seized and Confiscated Assets from organized crime, management and internationalization business consultant, Temporary Manager, CTU and CTP, mediator / conciliator, COACH. Some of the companies I work and I worked with: RAI, Auditel, Modar, Flexalighting, Il Volo, ARCA, Fuori Muro, ASF, Provincia di Milano, Comune di Milano, ASF, Fondazione A.Mariuccia, Fondazione L. Clerici, Commissione Regionale per l’Impiego, Finlombarda, Milano Ristorazione, Coca Cola, Nestlé, Smithkline Beecham, Condé Nast, Bticino, Ras, Arthur Andersen, Banca Intesa San Paolo, Banca Prossima, Banco Popolare, Distretto Industriale 14, varie Camere di Commercio e loro aziende speciali, AATO (Authority dell’Acqua) Città di Milano, Navigli Lombardi, Thereson, A.O. G.Salvini, Ecolombardia 18, FNMA, NORDCOM, FNM, A2A Energie Future, AREXPO, SeMS, Plurigas, iCanDo startup innovativa, Global Engineering Italia
  • 2012 - 2014'MEDICI IN FAMIGLIA'

  • 2010 - 2011WELFARE ITALY SERVICES srl

    General Director
  • 2002 - 2010AGRITEAM - then AGRIMERCATI Scpa

    Deputy Director
  • 2000 – 2002LOMBARDY REGION

    Presidency - Internationalization of Companies and Foreign Trade Director.

    Marketing Manager EMAI before, Business Development Manager Worldwide then.
  • 1991 - 1992ARTHUR YOUNG (today Ernst&Young)

    Sales Manager National area.
  • 1988 - 1991IBM Italia SpA

    Systems Engineer and then Sales Manager in the Lombardy area.


I have always tried to work throughout my professional career for initiatives that have somehow a beneficial impact on our society, in terms of environmental impact or positive effects on people, for example, frequently also through pro bono activities.

Studio Magro Logo explained

  • home_architect2_offerslider1


    Anna Maria Magro

    The A and the M

    are the two letters that make up the name, deliberately positioned to form a cusp which is a symbol of the finish line.

  • home_architect2_offerslider2



    We position the letters giving the effect of verticality and we get the cusp.

    Symbol of air, element of purity. It represents the summit, the goal reached in the awareness of commitment.

  • .03


    Gold + Blu

    The gold color is a symbol of perfection and elegance.
    Words associated with blue: trust, reliability, serenity and intelligence.

  • .04


    Printed Material

    Following the study of the logo, the drafting of what is called Corporate Identity with business cards, letterhead paper and envelope took place.

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